I just finished reading Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield.  What an awakening!  Steven says, “When we’re living as amateurs, we’re running away from our calling — meaning our work, our destiny, the obligation to become our truest and highest selves.  Addiction becomes a surrogate for our calling.  We enact the addiction instead of embracing the calling.  Why?  Because to follow a calling requires work.  It’s hard.  It hurts.  It demands entering the pain-zone of effort, risk, and exposure.” 

He says if we have a dream, we have to show up for it every day the same way we would show up for our 9 to 5 job.  Find the time.  Do the work.  Don’t wait for perfection.  Don’t do it for accolades.  Do it because it has to be done.

Often we get side tracked by something that pulls us away from the hard work.  Social media, food, alcohol, Netflix.  They are kinder to our ego.  But they take away our power and numb our passion if the dose is too high.

Steven says, “What happens when we turn pro is, we finally listen to that still, small voice inside our heads.  At last we find the courage to identify the secret dream or love or bliss that we have known all along was our passion, our calling, our destiny.”

Only you can do what you were meant to do.  There is no one like you.

Steven said, “The hero wanders.  The hero suffers.  The hero returns.  You are that hero.”

Be the hero you were meant to be.