Do you remember when you were young and you just loved doing something? You would lose yourself in it and time would fly by.  It might have been putting on plays or building things or writing or making art.  You did it because you loved it and you were able to focus on it because you had no other responsibilities.

Some people are able to keep that passion in their lives and turn it into a job. They may have become drama teachers or engineers or newspaper columnists or art therapists.  They get up every day and do what they love.

For many of us, we still do things we love but it might be outside of work.  The key is to keep that flame alive and nurture it.

My 14-year-old son decided to buy a camera a few months ago with his birthday money.  He ordered it online, watched some YouTube videos and started taking pictures.  People seemed to like them.  He took photos at school, on a trip to Ireland, at family gatherings.  I shared the pictures in my network and he has now been asked to work at some events.  He took a picture recently while in Toronto and the train company in the shot is now interested in his image.

I don’t know if photography will always be his passion, but as long as it is I hope he continues to pursue it.

As poet Rumi once said, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

Do what you love.