I can’t imagine what it would be like to be born into a life where your path was already cut out for you.  And the world was watching from your very first minute.  To be born into the royal family.

Lady Diana joined later in life so she was able to bring a different view to the royal path.  In doing so, she raised her boys to see that they were human before they were royal.  She showed them how to lead with their heart and make a difference to those in need.

Prince Harry fought as a soldier in Afghanistan and after seeing the pain and loss of those coming home, he started the Invictus Games which is an Olympic-like sporting event for wounded military personnel.  It has been a great success and has given so much joy and purpose to participants.

Harry was only a young boy when he lost his loving mother so publicly.  I will never forget watching Harry and his older brother William walk solemnly behind her coffin as the world watched.  Harry seemed to have so many of his mother’s qualities and I always hoped he would find happiness.

Today I heard that he is engaged to actor Meghan Markle and the announcement made my heart sing.

Meghan also seems like a lovely person and together I believe they will use the royal platform to change the world.  Meghan has been a humanitarian as a global ambassador for World Vision Canada and as an 11-year-old girl, highlighted gender equality when she wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton about a soap commercial that implied women belonged in the kitchen.  The advertisement was changed because she spoke up.

Princess Diana once said, “Only do what your heart tells you.”  I think Harry followed that advice and may we all follow it as well.

May Harry and Meghan find a lifetime of happiness together.