Inspirational speaker Alexander den Heijer said, “You often feel tired not because you’ve done too much, but because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you.”

If you jump into a creative project that speaks to you, you suddenly have the energy to work well into the night.  If you meet that special someone, you could talk for hours and feel re-energized the next morning.  If you receive an award for a job well done, you could run on empty for days just on the happiness and fulfillment you feel.

We need to keep that spark inside us alive and burning bright.

Life happens.  Things don’t go our way.  We panic and struggle.  We look around at the world and wonder, “How do they not see that I’m sinking and drowning?  How do they not see that I’m an imposter and don’t know what I’m doing?”  Those thoughts drain us and make us tired.  Too tired to focus on what our soul needs which is creativity and inspiration and acceptance and peace.

Fill your cup today with things that make you smile.  Take a chance.  Believe in yourself.  Follow where your heart leads.  And see what happens.  You might not be sure where you’re going, but the one thing you won’t feel is tired.